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So you have taken your time with purchasing a new cooker as it is an important feature for your kitchen. Now you need to seriously consider the installation process as that is just as important as the cooker itself. If you ignore the importance of the cooker installation then you could risk damaging the cooker. You must seriously consider a proper installation in regards to your cooker as what would be the point of a faulty cooker?

If your cooker needs to be fitted into your work tops in the kitchen and requires measurements and carpentry then call us Gas Cooker Installers as that is included within our cooker installation. Our experts are qualified and know the importance of fitting your cooker whilst not damaging your kitchen in the cooker installation.

The next part of a cooker installation which is the most vital and dangerous part is connecting the cooker to the gas supply using a hose and making sure the installation has been done properly. As this part requires the use of gas, it is a legal requirement and should be emphasised in the cooker’s manual that you need to hire an expert who is Gas Safe registered. Our specialists at Gas Cooker Installers are all registered and we must stress the importance of hiring a professional when dealing with gas as it can be dangerous if not done properly.

Once the cooker is set up, our cooker installation includes that our specialists check and test that everything is working properly and safely. Though you may think you are able to do the cooker installation yourself, you must have a professional check for any potential gas leaks just in case! You should not put yourself, your family, home and even your cooker at risk!

If your cooker is not tested then a fire or carbon monoxide poisoning can occur which ruins lives, all because your cooker installation was not tested thoroughly. Our cooker installation also includes our advice on how to use your new cooker and what you can do about your old cooker.

Gas Cooker Installers are experts in cooker installation and know the importance of being efficient and take our word seriously of providing the best cooker installation and at an excellent cost that we can. If you have any queries regarding a cooker installation and want to know more about our service then contact us immediately.

For a cooker installation please contact Gas Cooker Installers immediately for an excellent price so we can arrange for a gas engineer to visit your property. Our cooker installers are available at your convenience throughout London, Middlesex, Surrey and Kent.

Call 0208 906 7577 or 03333 200 484, alternatively email and we will deal with your request.