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When fitting a double oven, Gas Cooker Installers always turn off all power switches that are connected to the double oven they are fitting; as to prevent any accidents occurring to the double oven or double gas oven fitter and to the double oven itself. After this is done, in continuation with fitting a double oven, the face of the cabinet will need to be measured and made sure that it is in correspondence with the measurements of the double oven before fitting it.

When fitting a double oven, two 2-by-4s must be made to mirror the depth of the cabinet space. When our engineers from Gas Cooker Installers are dealing with fitting a double oven, they put one of the 2-by-4s on the left inner-side of the cabinet rim to where the height of the double oven will be situated. When fitting a double oven, to make sure the double oven will sit straight, a level will need to be placed where the border of the double oven is to make sure it is straight. In fitting a double oven, once the positioning is straight, using a drill with a Phillips-head bit and two 1/2 –inch wood screws, our engineer will fix the border in place.

In undertaking a double oven fitting, the second 2-by-4 will be put crossways from the first one to make sure that the two are parallel. When Gas Cooker Installers professionals undergo a double oven fitting for our customers, we make sure a level is used to check that the edge of the border and the front of the rear is straight. When this part of fitting a double oven is done correctly, the border will need to be fixed with two ½-inch wood screws.

After removing the double oven’s door whilst our engineer is fitting the double oven, our engineer will then set it in place. At this point of fitting a double oven, our engineer will need to connect the gas and electrical connections and ensure all the relevant fittings are secured to the double oven or double gas oven that were left out during fitting the double oven, this includes the doors for the new double oven fitting.