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There are many features on gas and electric ovens that differentiate them vastly in terms of how they work and their efficiency. In terms of competence, our Gas Cooker Installers professionals often find when dealing with electric ovens that they tend to heat up quicker. This is due to the fact that many electric ovens contain a fan, and thus the hot air is circulated and able to reach the whole oven.

This is in comparison with the gas oven that takes a little longer to heat up due to the flames not being able to heat the whole oven as evenly; furthermore it takes more time for the heat to radiate to the whole oven and cook the food. As Gas Cooker Installers specialists, we like to remind our clients that although a fan assisted electric oven is better at cooking food more evenly, a gas oven is far better at creating moist and light textured foods, such as breads and cakes. Gas ovens are better at stopping meat from drying out; this is a result of the gas oven cooking from the outside and slowly penetrating the inside of the food, causing a ‘moist heat’. In addition, there are fan assisted gas ovens that are available which can cause the food to cook quicker and more evenly.

However with an electric oven, if they are not fan assisted, they must be pre-heated and can take some time to warm up to the preferred temperature. Furthermore the heat from an electric oven is harder to control, yet again, this is only the case if the electric oven does not contain a fan.

Gas Cooker Installers engineers take note that when looking at the annual cost of both gas and electric ovens; it has been proven that characteristically gas ovens are cheaper to run. However this is a variable dependent on the area, as the utility prices in one area of the country could be significantly different to the utility prices in another. This makes a difference in how much it costs to run a gas oven or an electric oven.

One of the most important factors Gas Cooker Installers consider, however, is the danger factor that comes with both a gas oven and an electric oven. In looking at this issue it is safe to say that there is more danger in having a gas oven. This is due to the fact that it is powered by gas, and there is a risk of having a gas leak and being unaware of it. Breathing in the polluted air can become highly poisonous and dangerous for all people, and is something that needs to be considered for families with small children. Furthermore, a gas leak can result in a gas explosion, which is obviously deadly, and can cause severe damage to the building.

For those who are environmentally friendly, having an electric oven is far better for piece of mind. This is due to the fact that gas ovens emit a great amount of gas into the atmosphere which contributes to air pollution. Other aspects to take into consideration is that even during a power outage, the likely hood of still being able to use a gas oven is slim. This is a result of gas ovens still being dependent on a certain amount of electricity due to perhaps the use of a glow bar or ignition.

When comparing the user-friendly features of a gas oven and an electric oven, people believe an electric oven to be far simpler to use. Some electric ovens have even got a function that allows them to mirror the cooking process of a gas oven and have the top part of the oven to be hotter than the bottom part. Thus the cooking method is variable according to the type of food that is cooking and how you want the food to cook.