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The first step in ensuring safety when having gas oven installation is to turn off all the electricity and gas powers that are connected to the gas oven. Our Gas Cooker Installers engineers always put safety first and recommend that to be extra vigilant, secure the switch in the off position by sticking a piece of tape over it so it remains off throughout the whole gas oven installation process.

In the next part of gas oven installation, the engineer will ensure the electrical junction box is placed in the wall behind the gas oven. If this is not so, Gas Cooker Installers employees suggest having an electrician to look inside the wall, as this is often the location for older junction boxes. If an older box is found during a gas oven installation hidden within the wall, then it must be replaced before continuing with the gas oven installation.

The next part into gas oven installation is for the engineer to adapt the measurement of the gas oven’s space so it fits the gas oven perfectly. If found during gas oven installation that the space is bigger than the gas oven, the difference will need to be segregated in to two sections and then a part of each side is needs to be cut away. During this part of gas oven installation, lines from the top and bottom of both side of the cabinet space need to be measured and drawn and then cut away with a circular saw for the gas oven installation to be successful.

In continuing with gas oven installation, the armored cable that comes attached to the new gas oven will need to be joined to the right armored cable via a right angle clamp. During gas oven installation the cable will then connect to the box cover.

During a gas oven installation, with the wires from the new gas oven and the wires connected to the house wall, the engineer will join the corresponding wires together and fasten each one with a wire nut. Then place them inside the box in continuation with the gas oven installation.

To finish the gas oven installation, the new gas oven will be slid into place and the screws provided, drilled on the side of the oven to fix in place. Slide the door in to the gas oven and add the necessary trimming.

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