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How to install an oven is simple if these steps are followed accurately and with precaution by someone who is competent and Gas Safe registered. How to install an oven, Gas Cooker Installers always stress the fact that all electrical and gas powers to the oven must be switched off before to installing an oven. How to do this is, before the oven is installed, the circuit breaker that provides the oven with electricity will need to be turned off. If the oven you need to install is a gas oven, how you make sure it is safe to install is by shutting off the gas supply before you the oven is installed so to prevent a gas leak.

In learning how to install an oven, the old oven or gas oven must be removed, to do this the engineer will need to detach the door, this can be done by unbolting the anchoring screws and then sliding the door off the hinges. The next step Gas Cooker Installers take when they are installing an oven, is to locate the electric junction box which should be positioned in the back of the cabinet where the oven will be placed. If the junction box is not found when you install the oven, how it can be found is by exposing it from behind the dry wall in order to install the new oven.

Looking at how to install an oven, it needs to be made sure that the breadth of the cabinet opening where the oven will be installed fits in with the criteria of the oven’s measurements. How to do this is simple, take the appropriate measurements of the oven and the oven opening. Then how you use these measurements is to compare them to make sure there are no problems when the oven is being installed. If there is an issue, and the opening is not as wide as what is needed to install the oven, how you deal with this is by marking the cabinet according to the appropriate measurements. On how this is approached, Gas Cooker Installers measure the difference and then divide it by two.

When you are taking part in how to install an oven, the next approach is for the engineer to place the oven close to the cabinet space; this is so that the oven’s or gas oven’s wiring is able to reach the junction box and any other wiring needed in order to install the oven and get it to function how you wish.

Once a right-angle clamp has been joined to the cable to install the oven, how you continue with this process is by twirling together the house and oven corresponding wires: to obtain the wire connections use a wire nut. After this part into how to install an oven is done, our engineers from Gas Cooker Installers make the effort to guarantee that the wiring placed in the junction box is in an orderly manner; this is so they are secure and easy to function, should you need to have contact with the wires again.

The final part into how to install an oven or how to install a gas oven, is to place the oven into the cabinet space provided. How to secure the oven or gas oven the engineer will need to bolt all the adequate screws into the mounting holes on the inside of the oven. Once this part in how to install an oven is done, the door and trimming required can be installed. This is done by screwing the trimming around the oven to cover any gaps.