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When installing a gas oven, there are several procedures that must be dealt with so that installing a gas oven is done safely and securely. Our Gas Cooker Installers engineers advise that before any work is done installing the gas oven, the main gas line and appropriate electrical circuit of the gas oven is turned off.

In getting started to install a gas oven, Gas Cooker Installers employees make sure that there is an area available for the gas oven to be installed into with all the correct measurements; this is to ensure that installing the gas oven is done easily. This is done by taking the measurement from the height and depth of the space that the gas oven you are installing will go into. The exact measurements must be taken so the gas oven has space for cooling and to fit it into the cabinet space with ease.

When installing the gas oven into its adopted space, the gas oven needs to be close to gas the connectors so that the gas cables of the gas oven you are installing and the house’s gas cables can be joined.

When installing a gas oven, the gas connector should be screwed onto the gas supply tightly. Gas Cooker Installers employees cannot stress enough the importance in making sure the gas connector is screwed securely. After this is done the engineer will  turn on the gas at the mains. In continuing to install the gas oven, you can plug the electrical cord of the gas oven into the outlet.

When installing a gas oven checking for leaks is paramount. In doing this part of installing a gas oven, Gas Cooker Installers always brush liquid detergent over the connector of the gas line; this illustrates whether there is a gas leak during installing a gas oven by causing the appearance of bubbles if there is a leak. If a gas leak should occur during installing a gas cooker, the gas off turned off and the room should be aerated by fanning it and opening windows. Persist in tightening and checking the gas connector when installing the gas oven until the gas leak stops.

The gas oven will then be put into place by sliding the oven completely into the desired location and having the needed fixtures and fittings fitted, these should include the gas oven’s door and the gas oven’s trimming that may be needed to cover any space around the edge of the gas oven that you have been installing.