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An oven engineer, like any engineer in the UK, including Gas Cooker Installers engineers, has to be professionally registered to a specialist engineering corporation; as the oven engineer’s qualification identifies the oven engineer to be a specialist at his or her field. It conveys that the oven engineer has applicable oven engineering skills that make them more than able to undergo their job as an oven engineer, and it reveals the oven engineer’s experience and knowledge about oven engineering to the highest degree. The license given to an oven engineer via their registration also demonstrates that the registered oven engineer is dedicated to their job and can perform with the utmost professionalism.

The professional position of the oven engineer is controlled by a UK governing body. What differentiates a licensed oven engineer from an un-licensed engineer is that the licensed oven engineer is given more responsibility and is able to sign oven engineer documentation that are technical; these things may include oven engineering reports, drawings, engineer estimates, designs and engineer calculations for a study.

Chartered oven engineers must adhere to specific guidelines to ensure that the oven engineer works efficiently and to the best standards. The Engineer Council UK (ECUK) manages oven engineering qualifications, but has not got the authority to put restrictions on engineering and oven engineering practices that are not chartered. All chartered oven engineers have undergone stringent training to certify that, as oven engineers, they are professional and competent at any job they do. The development in becoming a professional oven engineer takes approximately ten years due to the amount of oven engineer training they must go through in order to meet the standards of the ECUK. This includes internships, apprenticeships, academics, and so much more. This is the case for all our oven engineers at Gas Cooker Installers who are only employed due to the competence they have from all their academic experience.

To be a registered oven engineer, oven engineers have to posses the correct oven engineering training and education in order to be given this status. Some chartered oven engineers may not possess degrees in what they need to have studied, since 1997 chartered oven engineers need to illustrate university-level intellect on oven engineering knowledge. This is usually done through an appropriate master’s degree and bachelor degree.

All the characteristics mentioned above that are adopted by registered oven engineers are posessed by our Gas Cooker Installers professionals. So if you need any kind of oven engineering work do not hesitate to call Gas Cooker Installers on0208 906 7577 or 03333 200 484.