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To service an oven, there are several procedures you can do in order to keep your oven it the best condition possible through its service. As Gas Cooker Installer specialists, we have a variety of tips that we ourselves use when we service an oven, which can help you if you would like to service your oven. These include cleaning various parts of an oven, replacing individual parts, or just providing some TLC to certain areas of an oven or gas oven when you are to service it.

There are many places to start when you service an oven, but Gas Cooker Installers recommend first observing the state of the oven that is in service has not got a sullied exhaust filter. Exhaust filters regularly need to be cleaned as they get soiled easily which can block them from filtering the oven; a result of why they should be cleaned whilst you are doing an oven service. Also when looking at cleaning during an oven service, vinegar can be used to cleanse the mineral deposits on the electrical heating element as the acid in the vinegar kills any bacteria and does not damage the oven’s materials.

To continue in cleaning an oven during an oven service, the knobs on an oven should not be neglected; as if dirt around the knobs build-up, they can become stiff and hard to manoeuvre. With cleaning oven knobs during an oven service, all you need to use is a damp cloth with a slight amount of cleaner on it. However take into consideration when cleaning the knobs of an oven, that you do not place the cleaner straight onto the surface of the oven. This goes with the cleaning of any part of the oven during an oven service.

When dealing with an oven service, the control panel should be another part of the oven that you look into maintaining. During the oven service, the control panel, which is usually either glass or metal, should be cleaned with a non-abrasive cleaner, glass cleaner or liquid greaser. Yet again, when cleaning the control panel during an oven service, the cleaning liquid should not be placed straight on to the oven, but rather on a damp cloth.

You may find when you service your oven that the light in the oven needs to be replaced. If this is the case, when you service your oven, remove the dome cover that is protecting the light bulb and then replace the bulb with a new one. Usually when dealing with an oven service, the bulb needed is 40 watts, but our Gas Cooker Installers team would recommend you double check with the manufacturer’s instructions on the wattage your oven takes.

Furthermore to keep your oven looking spotless, during your oven service, use a non-abrasive cleaner on a damp cloth to clean the top and the sides of the oven. Make sure when you are cleaning the oven during its oven service that the damp cloth does not touch any electrical parts of the oven. Our Gas Cooker Installers experts also suggest when you are to service an oven, to check the oven door shuts properly and retains all the heat. To check this during an oven service, place your hand over the door, if you feel heat then the door has a gap and you need to service it to prevent heat from escaping the oven.