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Our Gas Cooker Installers engineers ensure that when you are having an oven servicing, the hood exhaust filters are looked after and checked, this could mean simply cleaning them during the oven servicing. Some easy steps you could follow before and after your oven servicing include cleaning mineral deposits on the electrical heating element with vinegar, and not putting extremely heavy and large cooking equipment on heating elements; this can cause damage to the oven and cause heating elements needing to be replaced when servicing the oven.

During oven servicing there are numerous parts of the oven that attention should be focused on in order to ensure they remain in a good condition. If the oven servicing is for a non-self-cleaning oven, then a non-abrasive cleaner and sponge is recommended by our Gas Cooker Installers professionals, so as to keep the oven clean and not damage the surface after your oven servicing.

When cleaning the oven knobs during an oven servicing, a damp dish cloth and a non-abrasive cleaner will yet again suffice. However if you find when oven servicing that the knobs are broken, scratched, or the numbering and lettering has eroded, then you may have to have them replaced after the oven servicing.

Whilst servicing your oven, it may be the case that the oven’s light needs to be changed. To do this during oven servicing, a dome or glass cover surrounding the light bulb will need to be removed. Gas Cooker Installers engineers advise that when replacing an oven light during oven servicing, a 40 watt light bulb is usually the wattage needed for the light in the oven or gas oven to work.

When looking after the control panel during oven servicing, the material is more than likely to be either glass or metal and so this can once more, be cleaned with a non-abrasive cleaner, liquid greaser, or glass cleaner. However take care in making sure that you do not put a cleaner straight on to the surface, but rather put the cleaner on a cloth when servicing the oven. When oven servicing you find that the cook top needs to be cleaned, the same rules apply.

During an oven servicing, if you find that the oven or gas oven is heavily soiled with grease and old food, Gas Cooker Installers professionals suggest using an industrial strength cleaner on the sides of the oven. But take care when doing this that the cleaner does not touch the oven light, or an electrical or gas element. Furthermore do not attempt to have an oven servicing if the oven you are servicing is hot; as this is dangerous to the person doing the oven servicing and can damage the oven.