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Before working with the wiring and connectors of an oven, our Gas Cooker Installers experts make it clear that the wiring to the oven needs to be switched off at the mains. It is also important to acknowledge that when wiring an oven, the switch for the oven should not be diametrically above the oven, and should only be within two metres of the oven so the oven wiring is within reach.

In addition to wiring an oven, you must be certain that there is a sufficient space in the cabinet space so the oven can be properly secure. This should be done before the wiring of the oven, either by using two runners or installing a solid bottom before continuing with the wiring of the oven. The support for the oven should be of equal measurement to the base of the oven.

Furthermore, in the preparation of wiring an oven, Gas Cooker Installers make it clear that the cabinet space for the oven must be secure within the house’s build, and that it is strong enough to hold the oven and deal with the wiring that comes with it. When dealing with the wiring of an oven, the wiring needs to start at the consumer unit and the wiring must be solid enough in strength and density to hold the amount of electricity required from the wiring. The outlet connected to the oven wiring should have a fuse with the correct amperage, or a circuit breaker for the oven’s wiring, and the wiring should be run into the appropriate zones.

In wiring an oven, an electrical system needs to be used with a three-wire single phase that is either 120/240 Volt, 60 Hz or AC 208Y/120 Volt. When working with oven wiring, if you are trying to join an electrical stove to aluminium wiring, our Gas Cooker Installers professionals convey that you should only use wire connections that are meant for aluminium wiring.

During the installation of an oven or cooker, when working with the wiring, it is advised that a CCU (cooker connection unit) is used. A CCU that has not got a socket outlet attached is better to use as ovens are infamous for their earth leakage through their wiring. To prevent the tripping of an oven from the wiring, its wiring should be connected to the non RCD protected part of the consumer unit.

Several cooking appliances may be supplied by a single cooker unit if their wiring and installation is done in the same room and they are close together. A switch that is within two meters proximity from the appliances and their wiring can be used for multiple appliances also.

In resuming with oven wiring, a compliant conduit connector is needed to adjoin a power cable to the junction box. The wiring of the power cable must be made to loop down on the left side of the wall where the oven and its wiring will be installed. Gas Cooker Installers make it paramount that when joining the conduit wiring and the junction box, they are both connected accurately.