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Fitted ovens and fitted gas ovens, also described and wall ovens, are the popular option for people who have limited kitchen space and want to exploit the available area they do have in their kitchen. Our Gas Cooker Installers experts find that when they install fitted ovens, they are an easy solution for those who do not want to bend down to take out food and the same with the placing of food inside the fitted oven, as this can be difficult, especially if a dish is heavy. Thus fitted ovens are easier to access and fitted ovens make it easier to view your food as the fitted oven can be placed at eye-level. Fitted ovens can help to eliminate traffic in a busy kitchen as it eliminates the problem of having various people needing to use the hob and oven simultaneously.

Furthermore, fitted ovens have a versatile look and can blend in easily with whatever kitchen theme it is in. Fitted ovens come in differing colours from stainless steel fitted oven, a black finish or a white finish for your fitted oven. Along with having a single fitted oven or a double fitted oven, you can also choose to have a microwave and fitted oven combination.

To make sure that the specific style of fitted oven is available to be installed in a kitchen, it needs to be ensured that there is an appropriate sized cabinet space to fit a fitted oven or gas fitted oven. Our Gas Cooker Installer engineers state that fitted ovens typically come in widths of 24, 27 or 30 inches. There are variables in terms of the size of the oven, as this is dependent on whether the fitted oven is single, a fitted oven and a half, or a double fitted oven. Further choices for fitted ovens include conventional fitted ovens, convection fitted ovens and steam cook fitted ovens. There is a fitted oven to suit the needs of all households, however if you have a larger family, Gas Cooker Installers recommend a double fitted oven or a fitted oven and a half; as they are useful in cooking different foods at different times and at varying temperatures.

There are different types of fitted ovens, including gas or electric. Gas fitted ovens heat up quicker as they have a flame and are more able in preserving the juices and nourishments of foods, especially meat. Electric fitted ovens, on the other hand, are apt to having a larger capability and are simpler to install. All fitted ovens and fitted gas ovens need to expel air to the outside of the house.