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As Gas Cooker Installers professionals, our main priority is to ensure out customers are safe when having a built in oven fitted. Thus make sure that when we are fitting a built in oven, all powers, both gas and electric, are shut off; this eliminates the hazard of fitting a built in oven. After it is made sure that all power supplies to the built in oven are turned off, we can then continue with the fitting of your built in oven by taking the measurement of the cabinet space the oven is fitting into, and matching it to the measurements of the built in oven. When Gas Cooker Installers experts take measurements during the process of fitting a built in oven, we make sure that there is space in the unit for the built in oven to aerate. This has to be taken into consideration when fitting a built in oven so the oven does not over heat, which can cause an oven malfunction.

When you are finding a location for your built in oven, make sure the cabinet space is close to the electric junction box and gas supply, which is needed if the built in oven being fitted is a gas oven. For the fitting of a built in oven, you should read the manufacturer’s instructions on the wiring and voltage requirements for the oven or gas oven. The engineer must follow these requirements precisely when fitting an oven, as this is essential in getting the oven to work properly.

Once the appropriate adjustments have been made to the power supply in order to agree with the requirements of the built in oven, when fitting the built in oven, the oven’s wires will need to be connected with the matching wiring in the electric junction box. After this part of fitting a built in oven is done, the door of the built in oven will have to be removed, this is so when the oven is being fitted into its cabinet space it is easier to manoeuvre and to install.

Once the built in oven has been positioned into the desired location, the oven will need to be bolted securely into place and the oven’s door put back on. This can be done whilst fitting the oven by simply sliding the door into place, making sure that it is secured on. The trimming can then be added to the built in oven in order to cover any spacing around the built in oven that may have been caused from its fitting.

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