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Fitting a hob may sound like a simple task to accomplish for those of you that wish to save money, fancy yourself a DIY professional or even because you just want to get it done there and then. Though some parts of fitting a hob are easy enough for some of us to do, there is the final part of the task of fitting a hob which requires a professional to perform.

Not only is it essential that an electrician with a Gas Safe registration is required for your safety when fitting a hob but the law expects it from you as well. At Gas Cooker Installation, we have experienced professionals who are registered and are experienced with gas plumbing that expertise, in particular, at fitting a hob. Whether you need our professionals to conduct the final part of the job of fitting a hob which is fitting the gas in, making sure there are no leaks. Or if you need us to do the entire task, of fitting a hob into your home, we are only a phone call away! Our professionals are consistent, cogent and confident with satisfying your needs and waste no time in completing the task in which we set out to do: fitting a hob.

Fitting a hob for both gas and electric has different specifications which are vital in order for them to work and our team know this. With fitting a hob there are different jobs which are broken down and you may not need us for every one of these, but with what you do need us for, feel free to call us with your questions and we are happy to help you with your fitting a hob needs.

We make sure the gas pipe work is rigid, firm and fixed in a permanent position without leaks and most importantly that it works. We simply make sure the fitting of the hob is in properly which is the most valuable aim. Never assume the job is simple and that you can do the fitting of a hob on your own even if you have done similar jobs successfully in the past. We care about your safety and when gas is involved it puts you, your family and your home in danger and it is illegal to not have professional with a registered certificate there to be the one fitting the hob in securely. Our team are experienced in fitting a hob but are also aware that every work top and manufacture of a hob differs so we make sure we follow instructions carefully with fitting the hob which suits yours. Do not forget that fitting a hob may sound simple but if it is not done by a professional it can be dangerous and you could be breaking the law.

For fitting a hob please contact Gas Cooker Installers immediately for an excellent price so we can arrange for a gas engineer to visit your property. Our professionals are available at your convenience throughout London, Middlesex, Surrey and Kent.

Call 0208 906 7577 or 03333 200 484, alternatively email and we will deal with your request.

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