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Gas Cooker Installers find that if these instructions, along with the manufacturer’s guidelines, are followed accurately, and a Gas Safe registered engineer is used, the fitting of an oven can be done efficiently. Our professional engineers would also like to note before starting the fitting of an oven, that all electrical and gas wiring is switched off as to prevent any harm to the person/s fitting the oven, and to the oven itself. To make absolutely sure that all sources of power are blocked from working, it is recommended that some kind of sticky tape is covering the off switch to the power connector during the fitting of an oven.

When Gas Cooker Installers start fitting an oven, they always make sure that the cabinet space agrees with manufacturer’s guidelines for how the fitting of the oven should be done. The cabinet space for the oven being fitted needs to be able to securely up-hold the oven or gas oven, thus make sure that the internal support is sturdy. A brace that can hold at least 375 pounds may need to be installed when fitting an oven, so cabinet support needs to be seriously considered. The cabinet space has to be level, so to be confident of this a spirit level may be used. When fitting an oven it is also a priority for the necessary adaptors to be at hand for gas and electric wiring and connections.

Before placing the oven or gas oven in the space, our Gas Cooker Installers team would like to make sure that fitting your oven is done with ease. Thus we want to illustrate that when Gas Cooker Installers fit an oven, we place the oven or gas oven on a strong stand or jack that mirrors the height of the bottom of the cabinet space so that it can be slid into position. Make sure that before this part of fitting an oven is done, that the door and all fixtures that come with the oven or gas oven that you are fitting are removed as to make the oven easier to operate.

In the continuation of fitting an oven, the manufacturer’s guidelines will be used to make the appropriate adjustments to the gas and electrical connections. If the oven is gas, then tests need to be made to ensure that the gas connector is not leaking. To prevent the damage of wires when fitting an oven, all gas and electric lines will need to be moved from the path as damaged wires will cause problems to the oven.

When all the wires are connected securely during your oven fitting, our engineer is then able to slide the oven or gas oven into its allocated cabinet space. To make the oven fitting successful, the oven will have to be screwed into place through the allocated mounting holes and the door screwed back on to the oven. Further oven fitting tasks can then be completed which may include adding trimming.

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