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A gas cooker hose is used to connect a freestanding, range or dual fuel cooker to the main gas supply. It is against the gas regulations to connect a gas hob using a gas cooker hose. A gas cooker hose is not used on gas hob as it does not create a stable and safe connection.

Gas cooker hoses are used on cookers as it allows easy access for cleaning behind the appliance. Although a gas cooker hose is used for the connection it is also important to have a safety chain fitted to any gas cooker to help prevent any accidents.

Gas cooker hoses can vary in length but generally come in either 3 meters or 4 meters as standard. It is important that that gas cooker hose is connected to the gas supply correctly and safely.

A new gas cooker hose should be used if having a new cooker installed this will help to ensure there are no damages causing potential leaks. You should never try and tighten or remove a gas cooker hose yourself as this is also very dangerous.

At Gas Cooker Installers we are happy to provide a gas cooker hose for your installation as we believe that safety is everything.

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