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HA7 Stanmore is the home to our frequent customer Mrs Dodds, who first called our company Gas Cooker Installers after her Carbon Monoxide detector had been set off in her HA7 Stanmore home. Our Gas Cooker Installers engineer was able to go to Mrs Dodds’ home within the hour as our engineer was already working on a gas installation in the HA7 Stanmore area. Our engineer was able to identify the problem as being a gas leak from Mrs Dodds’ gas oven, which was not installed correctly.

Our engineer at Gas Cooker Installers was surprised at the shoddy workmanship that had gone into Mrs Dodds’ gas oven installation and fixed it straight away; as he is able to work with all types of gas hobs, gas ovens and gas cookers. The gas leak caused a large amount of Carbon Monoxide to form in the home, and so our engineer advised Mrs Dodds to open all windows and turn on all her fans in her home in order to aerate her home and remove all traces of the poisonous gas, which is extremely dangerous.

So if you have an emergency gas related issue like Mrs Dodds, or you have a gas hob, gas oven or gas cooker that needs connecting, disconnecting or replacing, then please call us NOW on 0207 781 9249 or 0333 320 0484, alternatively fill in the contact us page and a member of our team will get back to you shortly.

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