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Our engineers here at Gas Cooker Installers, who work on the connections and installations of gas cookers, gas ovens and gas hobs, got a call in EN1 Enfield to service a gas hob after two gas engineers who were not registered installed a gas hob. They put the family of three at risk after one of the family members noticed a gas smell in the home and the gas hob did not spark fire.

Once Gas Cooker Installers went to the home in Enfield EN1; they advised the family to aerate their home and leave the house for a while until our trained professionals install the gas hob in a professional manner. This included replacing the gas piping with a copper pipe, the only pipe that should be used when installing a gas hob.

After Gas Cooker Installers went to the rescue of the EN1 Enfield home, an enquiry was carried out for the two engineers and they were made to pay a fine of £300 and are banned from carrying out gas installations which must only be done by professionals, like our engineers at Gas Cooker Installers.

If you live in EN1 Enfield or the surrounding London area and need your gas hob, gas cooker or gas oven installed or replaced, do not think twice about calling us on 0207 781 9249 or 0333 320 0484 or fill in the contact us page and a member of our team will get back to you shortly.

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