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Our Gas Cooker Installers experts always start the process of a gas oven fitting by finding the kitchen’s gas line. The gas line however, differs from house to house. The gas line may be a cap and a valve with a pipe attached to it. In other homes, when dealing with a gas oven fitting, the gas line could be a corrugated hose with a shut-off valve attached to the wall. After the gas line is located during a gas oven fitting, the engineer will need to ensure the valve is in the off position. To continue on in increasing the safety of a gas oven fitting, if the valve has a cap it will need to be removed.

The door of the gas oven will then need to be removed; this is so the gas oven is made easier when dealing with fitting it into the cabinet space.

Once the door is dealt with, the gas oven being fitted will need to be placed in the location you want to install it into; this is to make sure its wires for both gas and electricity are in reaching distance with the power outputs.

When it is decided that the gas oven is fitting into an appropriate location, our Gas Cooker Installers always take the initiative when they are fitting a gas oven in assessing the gas line. Once this is done, the gas oven can be connected through screwing the two lines together. Some gas ovens, however, need attachments so they can adapt to the gas line of the house when fitting the gas oven.

Once the male hose end’s thread is wrapped during the gas oven fitting, the male hose will need to be attached with the female hose by screwing them together. After this part of the gas oven fitting an adjustable wrench should be used to ensure the the connection is tightened.

During the gas oven fitting, a solution will need to be glazed over the connection of the two hoses; this is to check for any gas leaks. If the solution starts bubbling on the working gas valve, it is because there is a gas leak and the connection between the male and female hose during the gas oven fitting was not made tight enough. This can be easily corrected when fitting a gas oven by tightening the connection and then checking again if the connection of the gas oven is still causing a gas leak.


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