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When our engineers are installing a built in oven, being safe and clearing any danger is always the first thought. As qualified engineers, our Gas Cooker Installers team make sure that when venturing into installing a built in oven, we disconnect any power connected to the built in oven we are installing.

Before installing the oven all the relevant measurements must be taken from both the built in oven, and the cabinet space you are installing it into. To do this you should measure the width, depth and height of the cabinet space the built in oven will go into. When comparing the measurements of both the built in oven and the storage space it is going into, you must take into account the ventilation space needed for the back of the built in oven or gas oven.

To ensure that the built in oven is being placed into the appropriate cabinet space, check that there is a junction box near the cabinet space so the electrical wires of the built in oven are in reaching distance. If the built in oven is gas, you must also make sure that the gas wiring can reach the gas outlet in the wall. Once this has been established, Gas Cooker Installers specialists make sure the wiring of the built in oven can be connected to the electrical junction box, this is also the case for gas wires if the built in oven is a gas oven.

Once the wiring has been securely connected as parts of installing a built in oven, the built in oven’s door will need to be removed by un-securing the bolts and sliding it out of place. Once this part of installing a built in oven has been completed, the built in oven or gas oven can be slid into the cabinet space you wish for it to be placed into. After the oven has been positioned in place, it can then be screwed into the cabinet space. As soon as this has been done to the built in oven the available trimmings for the oven should be placed on the edges of the built in oven; as to hide any spacing between the oven and the wall.

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