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When first taking part in oven installation, it is important to remember to turn off any electrical and gas powers that are connected to the oven, as during installation, having these powers on can be harmful to both the engineer and the oven, or gas oven you are operating. To be completely out of harms way, Gas Cooker Installers strongly suggest taping the off switch; so as to stop it from switching on at any time during oven installation.

If oven installation is being made in order to replace an old oven, the doors of the old oven or gas oven should be removed first. The engineer will then need to detach the old oven from its location. Of course, before doing this part of oven installation, all screws that are fixing the oven to its space must be removed. After this part of the oven installation process is done, the old oven’s or gas oven’s wires will need to be disconnected from the wall.

During an oven installation the electric junction box must be found, and if it is behind dry wall, which may be in occurrence with some homes, it must be exposed. This is so it can be connected with the wires of the new oven or gas oven that is being installed.

When taking part in oven installation, members of Gas Cooker Installers take the appropriate measure to ensure that the new oven fits in with its allocated space flawlessly. To do this, during an oven installation, we measure the breadth of the cabinet space and match it to the measurements of the new oven that is being installed. In the case that during oven installation the oven opening is wider than the oven itself, the difference should be halved; this amount should then be divided so that the correct measurements can be cut from each side of the opening during the oven installation.

To continue with the oven installation, the oven must be placed close enough to the electrical junction box so that the new oven’s wires during installation are able to reach it during oven installation. A right angled-clamp must be fastened to the oven’s wire during oven installation and then adjusted to the house wire with the corresponding oven wire. As Gas Cooker Installers, we suggest locking the wires together during installation with a wire nut. During an oven installation, all connected wires must be placed into the electric junction box and the right-angle cable bracket installed to the protective wire cover.

To conclude with the oven installation, the oven should be placed into its cabinet space, this should be followed during an oven installation by the door being fixed onto the oven with all the screws issued with the oven or gas oven, and then all the borders and outer parts of the oven can be put in place. When this part of oven installation is done the circuit breaker can be switch on.

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