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Oven maintenance is varied depending on the type of oven you have, however, oven maintenance is necessary to ensure that the oven or gas oven works to its full potential. When carrying out oven maintenance, it is important that the oven or gas oven temperature is checked; this is something which is strongly advised by our Gas Cooker Installers engineers when they are implementing oven maintenance. This can be done when having oven maintenance completed by one of our professionals by simply using a separate oven thermometer. In doing this, a temperature is set for your oven and compared with the temperature of the separate oven thermometer. To get a precise reading when undertaking oven maintenance, the engineer will allow the oven cycle to go on and off for roughly fifteen to twenty minutes.

Gas Cooker Installers always suggest when oven maintenance is being carried out that the oven door gasket is checked to make sure it is tight. Over time door gaskets can become worn, which causes heat to escape the oven. If it feels lose or is damaged in any way, it will need to be adjusted or replaced to prohibit any heat from escaping.

When carrying out oven and gas oven maintenance, the doors should are a major focus, and when analysing the hinges during oven maintenance, our engineer will make sure that the door shuts properly as to stop any heat from escaping. When performing oven maintenance, the door should be checked that it is not allowing any heat to escape.

Checking the light bulb is definitely a role that should be played during oven and gas oven maintenance work. To inspect or change the light bulb, it will usually be found in the upper left or right side of the oven behind a small glass dome. If you find a repair is needed to be made to the bulb during oven maintenance, the glass dome has to be taken out either by screwing it or through removing a wire, however this should only ever be done by a professional.

Gas Cooker Installers always recommended regular cleaning of oven equipment when oven maintenance is taking place, even if your oven has a self-cleaning function. Non-abrasive cleaners are always advised to be used by our Gas Cooker Installers workers when doing oven maintenance, as they do not damage the material of the oven and keep it looking shiny and new. When oven maintenance is taking place, the oven controls should be cleaned also.

Gas Cooker Installers believe that oven knobs should not be over-looked during oven maintenance and that, if required, they should be removed and cleaned; preferably with a non-abrasive cleaner also.

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