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To replace an oven, our Gas Cooker Installers team convey heavily that all power that is connected to the oven or gas oven is switched off to purge any harmful risks. If the oven is gas, any gas power that is connected to the gas oven must be shut off in order to replace the oven safely. This must only ever been done by a Gas Safe registered engineer.

To replace the oven, the oven’s door must be taken off, as to be able to replace the old oven or gas oven with ease. To take off the oven’s door in order to replace it, our engineer will need to un-screw the bolts that are keeping the oven’s or gas oven’s door in place. After doing this, the oven should be able to be lifted out of the cabinet space in order for it to be replaced.

The next step to replace an oven is to disengage the oven’s wiring from the wall if and where required. This is so that when replacement the oven is installed, the new wiring of the oven or gas oven can be connected to the wall. If when you replace the oven and it is a gas oven, our Gas Cooker Installers engineer will ensure that all gas lines need to be severed from the gas oven.

To replace the oven, the wiring of the new oven will need to be attached to the wall connector. To replace a gas oven, specific steps must be followed precisely by our engineer when connecting the new gas oven with the gas connectors safely and securely. It is important that this is never attempted by someone who is not competent or Gas Safe registered.

To replace the oven, the new replacement oven or gas oven will be put  into the desired space and the oven installed with the screws and fixtures provided. The oven door of the oven that is to replace the old oven can be attached, yet again, with all the screws provided. To replace the oven in its entirety, add on any adornment or trim to the oven in order to cover any holes around the oven.

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