Oven Installation

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When first taking part in oven installation, it is important to remember to turn off any electrical and gas powers that are connected to the oven, as during installation, having these powers on can be harmful to both the engineer and the oven, or gas oven you are operating. To be completely out of harms way, Gas Cooker Installers strongly suggest taping the off switch; so as to stop it from switching on at any[...]

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Oven Service

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To service an oven, there are several procedures you can do in order to keep your oven it the best condition possible through its service. As Gas Cooker Installer specialists, we have a variety of tips that we ourselves use when we service an oven, which can help you if you would like to service your oven. These include cleaning various parts of an oven, replacing individual parts, or just providing some TLC to certain[...]

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Gas Oven Fitting

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Our Gas Cooker Installers experts always start the process of a gas oven fitting by finding the kitchen’s gas line. The gas line however, differs from house to house. The gas line may be a cap and a valve with a pipe attached to it. In other homes, when dealing with a gas oven fitting, the gas line could be a corrugated hose with a shut-off valve attached to the wall. After the gas line[...]

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Fitting a Built In Oven

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As Gas Cooker Installers professionals, our main priority is to ensure out customers are safe when having a built in oven fitted. Thus make sure that when we are fitting a built in oven, all powers, both gas and electric, are shut off; this eliminates the hazard of fitting a built in oven. After it is made sure that all power supplies to the built in oven are turned off, we can then continue with[...]

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Gas and Electric Oven

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There are many features on gas and electric ovens that differentiate them vastly in terms of how they work and their efficiency. In terms of competence, our Gas Cooker Installers professionals often find when dealing with electric ovens that they tend to heat up quicker. This is due to the fact that many electric ovens contain a fan, and thus the hot air is circulated and able to reach the whole oven. This is in[...]

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How To Install an Oven

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How to install an oven is simple if these steps are followed accurately and with precaution by someone who is competent and Gas Safe registered. How to install an oven, Gas Cooker Installers always stress the fact that all electrical and gas powers to the oven must be switched off before to installing an oven. How to do this is, before the oven is installed, the circuit breaker that provides the oven with electricity will[...]

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What is a Range Oven

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Our Gas Cooker Installers engineers explain the features of a range oven and what a range oven is. To put it simply, what a range oven is is a multiple oven with at least two oven compartments. When looking at what a range oven is, the regular size of a range oven is generally 100cm wide due to the fact that what they contain is a substantial main oven and at least one small conventional[...]

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Replace Oven

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To replace an oven, our Gas Cooker Installers team convey heavily that all power that is connected to the oven or gas oven is switched off to purge any harmful risks. If the oven is gas, any gas power that is connected to the gas oven must be shut off in order to replace the oven safely. This must only ever been done by a Gas Safe registered engineer. To replace the oven, the oven’s door must[...]

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Wiring Oven

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Before working with the wiring and connectors of an oven, our Gas Cooker Installers experts make it clear that the wiring to the oven needs to be switched off at the mains. It is also important to acknowledge that when wiring an oven, the switch for the oven should not be diametrically above the oven, and should only be within two metres of the oven so the oven wiring is within reach. In addition to[...]

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