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Our Gas Cooker Installers engineers explain the features of a range oven and what a range oven is. To put it simply, what a range oven is is a multiple oven with at least two oven compartments. When looking at what a range oven is, the regular size of a range oven is generally 100cm wide due to the fact that what they contain is a substantial main oven and at least one small conventional oven. Range ovens are rather space consuming and are popular for commercial use.

When analysing what the oven performance of a range oven is, our Gas Cooker Installers team point out that the range oven’s cooking abilities are dependent on what kind of range oven you choose. For example, what a range oven can run on is either electricity, gas, or the range oven can be a duel fuel range oven, which means that what powers it runs on is both electricity and gas. So, when looking at what the range oven’s cooking performance is, electric range ovens tend to cook more evenly and are superior in efficiency than their gas oven counterparts; which generally need to be pre-heated and are not as competent at spreading heat. However what gas range ovens are said to be more competent at than electric ovens is keeping food moist and giving a lighter affect to cakes and breads.

There are other choices in terms of what energy source you want for your range oven, and that is a wood burning oven. What a wood burning range oven is is a range oven that is run purely on wood fire, which is far more environmentally friendly than a gas range oven and what is more, it is more cost effective.

When looking at range ovens and what range ovens are, the most popular type of range oven is a duel fuel range oven, and what kind of oven this is is a range oven which runs on both electricity and gas powers. This makes the cooking abilities of a range oven more versatile, and moreover, food can be cooked according to personal preference. This usually works on a range oven by having a gas hob and electric oven, Gas Cooker Installers believe that having both these functions on a Range oven is excellent, as this produces the uniform cooking of an electric oven and the heat control of a gas hob.

Our Gas Cooker Installer engineers would like to present the idea, however, that when choosing what kind of range oven you want, a gas range oven usually takes a while to heat up and can produce a hotter heat than the readings on the dial, thus it may be wise to be flexible with what the temperature of the range oven is. Also, when using multiple cooking compartments in a range oven simultaneously, it can affect what the cooking power of the range oven is and may pro-long the cooking time of the food.

Features of what a range oven can have is dependent on what range oven is chosen; what features are usually available with range ovens are oven volumes for all the ovens on the range. Thus there is easy control for what you want the temperature to be for the ovens in your range oven.

What a range oven can also possess is a catalytic lining which helps prevent the build-up of grease and dirt by burning it off, this makes the up-keep of the range oven interior easier to maintain. Furthermore, what a range oven can come with is a rotisserie which is useful in cooking meat evenly.

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