cooker-hood-installationWhen cooking in your home, often if you do not have an adequate cooker hood, the house can quickly become over come with the smell of whatever you are cooking and these smells can linger in the home, cause smoke or steam to build up and is an all round nuisance, however, with a cooker hood installation, you can eradicate the chance of the smell spreading throughout the home maintaining a clean and fresh outlook.

We provide cooker hood installations for competitive prices for small, medium and large cooker hoods. Please note we only install filter cooker hoods and not extractor cooker hoods. Cooker Hood installation are a must have in any kitchen of today so ensure you have your cooker hood installation installed at the same time as your new cooker.

Call us for your own cooker hood installation as the nearest time of your convenience. You can reach us on 0207 781 9249 or 0333 320 0484 or email us at [email protected]. Alternatively you can use our quick quote form and we will give you a call as soon as possible.

Small Filter Hood- 50-60cm Width = £100 +VAT
Medium Filter Hood- 61-80cm Width = £110 +VAT
Large Filter Hood – 81+cm Width =£120 +VAT