A gas cooker should only ever be fitted by a fully qualified Gas Safe registered gas cooker installer. Although people say it is easy to install an appliance themselves, a cooker installer is fully qualified to do this correctly and check for defects.

If you have had an illegal gas cooker installer fit your appliance your insurance will not be valid for gas related accidents. A cooker installer will issue you with a Gas Safety Certificate (CP12) on completion of their work. This is a legal document and will be required if/when claiming on your insurance. Having an illegal gas installer fit an appliance will not only cause your insurance to be invalid but can also put yours/ your family’s/ your tenant’s lives at risk.

Gas Safe registered gas cooker installers will be competent in their work. However, if you are worried and require someone to check that a cooker installer has fitted your appliance correctly and safely you can do so via the Gas Safe register website.

Have you recently had an illegal gas installer fit a new appliance?
Are your gas flames yellow/orange instead of blue?
Can you smell gas?

If you  have answered yes to any or all of the above you could be in danger. Make sure you act quickly and follow these steps:

  • Switch off the appliance
  • Shut off the gas supply at the mains
  • Ventilate the room by opening all doors and windows
  • Contact a gas cooker installer or engineer to carry out repairs
  • Visit your GP or hospital immediately to get tested for Carbon Monoxide poisoning

Gas Emergency Services

England, Scotland and Wales – 0800 111 999

Northern Ireland – 0800 002 001

Isle of Man – 01624 644 444

Guernsey – 01481 749 000

Jersey – 01534 755 555