Portable Appliance Testing ensures the safety of all employers, employees and visitors within a business. The process involved with Portable Appliance Testing is quite simple. All electrical appliances will be tested using a Portable Appliance Testing machine, which will determine whether an appliance has passed or failed.

All of our testers have been well trained and are both confident and competent in completing Portable Appliance Testing. It is quite difficult to determine how long Portable Appliance Testing will take, as it mainly depends on how many portable appliance there are.

Portable Appliance Testing has to be performed on any appliance with a power plug which needs to be plugged into a socket and under 18kg. This will includes every thing from kettles, fridges, microwaves, computers, printers to fans. Extension cables/leads will also have to be tested to ensure they are safe to use.

During Portable Appliance Testing, each plug for each appliance will have to be separately plugged into the Portable Appliance Testing machine and a reading recorded onto a Portable Appliance Testing report. The reading will determine whether the appliance is then safe to carry on using.

If an appliance fails during the Portable Appliance Testing, you will be instructed not to carry on using it. A red label will be attached to the appliance displaying that the appliance has failed, and the appliance details will be included in the Portable Appliance Testing report showing that it has failed.

If an appliance passes the Portable Appliance Testing, you can continue to use it without any fear of it not being safe. A green label will be attached to the appliance showing that it has passed a Portable Appliance Testing and all details will be included in the report.

Once your Portable Appliance Testing is complete, you will receive a certificate showing that your business has taken precautionary measures in ensuring the safety of those working and visiting the business’ premises.

A detailed report of the Portable Appliance Testing for your business is not always issued. In some case this is only available upon request from the company’s manager.