When disconnecting a gas cooker to replace it with a new one or to change the location of the cooker, a professional Gas Safe installer must be the only person to do this. This is because only a professional will be able to ensure the installation is safe and that there are no gas leaks and plus the installation may mean you have to have new gas pipes installed also. If the cooker is changing location, the new gas line will need to run from the main gas shut-off valve to the new desired location. Anyone who is not Gas Safe registered must no attempt to disconnect or reconnect a cooker under any circumstances as this can be extremely dangerous and have very serious consequences.

However, if you are simply moving the cooker out of its space for cleaning purposes, you will not need a professional to disconnect the cooker. A flexi hose is used for cooker connections, which allows the cooker to be moved. When moving a cooker for cleaning, you must ensure the cooker hose has not been stretched too much and therefore come loose from the connection.

When disconnecting a gas cooker the installer will need to turn off the gas supply shut-off valve. The gas cooker installer will then need to remove any plugs from their sockets and move the cooker away from the wall. The installer must then seal the connector. After disconnecting the cooker, the engineer will then need to test for any gas leaks and to ensure the disconnecting is safe.

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