Gas Cooker Installers Services

Gas Cooker Installers are a specialist company for gas cooker installation. Any gas cooker installers services must be carried out by a gas safe registered engineer and Gas Cooker Installers only use the best!Whether you have a freestanding, dual fuel or range cooker, our cooker installers have ad years of experience installing cookers and no task is too big or small. It is important to remember rules and regulations for cooker installations, but if you […]

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Gas Safety Inspection

When it comes to the gas safety inspection, there are certain things that the gas safe engineer must do in order to complete the inspection. First of all, the engineer should show you their identification and then ask for permission to complete the inspection, they will then go ahead and start to check for damages to the gas appliances and the pipe work, and they would make you aware of damages that could occur to […]

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What Is A Dual Fuel Range?

You may be wondering what a dual fuel range cooker is. A dual fuel range cooker, like a gas range cooker is much bigger than a normal gas cooker. A dual fuel range cooker uses both gas and electric connections to power the appliance. The gas connections for a dual fuel range cooker will be connected using a flexible gas cooker hose, this allows for cleaning purposes. The electrical connection will need to be hardwired […]

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Replacing a Gas Hob

Are you having trouble with replacing a gas hob? Do you need someone who is competent, professional and experienced at replacing a gas hob? Someone who is reliable and will get the job done right but at a good deal? Then call us at Gas Cooker Installers as we are all of these when it comes to replacing a gas hob. Replacing a gas hob can be an annoyingly long process especially when you have […]

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Remove Gas Cooker

Do not think you are able to remove a gas cooker all on your own because not only is it dangerous but it is also illegal. To remove a gas cooker involves the use of gas and it is within the law that you hire someone who is registered with Gas Safe to remove your gas cooker. Due to several steps being involved which involves gas when you remove the gas cooker it is essential […]

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Range Installation

At Gas Cooker Installers our engineers are qualified in cooker, hob, oven and range installation. We have over 25 years of experience in range cooker installation and are proud to provide our service to our customers in London, Middlesex, Surrey and Kent. A range installation is slightly different to a normal cooker installation in that the range cookers are generally bigger in size. A Range installation requires more space; however the connection for a range […]

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Range Cooker Installation

Range cooker installation is Gas Cooker Installers area of expertise and our years of reputable experience show this. Installation of a range cooker involves different steps which could take long and go horribly wrong if someone does not know what they are doing properly. Our qualified professionals are friendly, dependable and most importantly hard-working and good at doing their job in range cooker installation. If you leave it to us we will be able to […]

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Old Gas Cooker

If you are in possession of an old gas cooker and do not know how to get rid of it or just would like more information on what to do with an old gas cooker then call Gas Cooker Installers immediately for more information and we will be happy to advise you on what to do free of charge. Our experts at Gas Cooker Installers can recommend different solutions on what to do with an old […]

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New Gas Installation

Gas Cooker Installers have engineers with over 25 years of experience and new gas installations are second nature to our reliable, qualified staff. All of our engineers are Gas Safe registered so are more than able to deal with any new gas installation. If you are looking for someone professional to complete a new gas installation in your home let Gas Cooker Installers ease you of this burden. Our customers are always more than happy […]

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Installing Gas Cookers

Installing gas cookers is something we at Gas Cooker Installers do day in day out. Our engineers are all Gas Safe registered so installing gas cookers is something that our engineers have vast amounts of knowledge and skills for. Anyone installing gas cookers is required by law to be Gas Safe registered. Anyone installing gas cookers without being Gas Safe registered is breaking the law and putting lives and homes in serious danger. Our engineers […]

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