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When it comes to the gas safety inspection, there are certain things that the gas safe engineer must do in order to complete the inspection. First of all, the engineer should show you their identification and then ask for permission to complete the inspection, they will then go ahead and start to check for damages to the gas appliances and the pipe work, and they would make you aware of damages that could occur to the gas appliances and the pipe work before the start of the inspection. They will then complete visual or/and operational checks and tests on the appliances, they may also complete a visual risk assessment on the appliances and the inspection may include a building regulation compliance if the gas safety register has issued a build regulation compliance certificate.

The customer can help the engineer by making sure that a there is a responsible adult around during the gas safety inspection and it will be helpful if the manufacturer’s instruction manual is available. This is so that the engineer can complete the operational checks and test on the appliance, and with the manual, the engineer may only be able to complete a visual assessment of the appliances and pipe work.
When the gas safe engineer completes the inspection, they will hand the homeowner or landlord of the property a record of the inspection or assessment. This record contains: description and location of all appliances and flues checked, the date the appliance was checked, the address of the property, the name and address of the landlord/homeowner, any defect discovered and any actions taken to remedy it, confirmation of the results of the operational safety checks carried out on the appliance.

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