Installing a Hob

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Installing a hob is not easy. The Gas Cooker Installers team know that. What is easy, however, is picking up the phone or sending us an e-mail to hire a professional who knows exactly how to go about installing a hob and at an excellent deal too! So go ahead, contact us the Gas Cooker Installers specialists who expertise with installing a hob. Our team are highly qualified and experienced in installing a hob and[...]

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Gas hob safety

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If you have searched for gas hob safety then you are definitely on the right path to installing a gas hob properly. Safety is definitely one of the most important aspects of gas hob installation. Safety of you, your home, you family and the gas hob itself. You do not want your gas hob to be damaged because you did something incorrect as it will cost you more money to fix or replace it. Gas[...]

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Hob installation

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If you are in desperate need of someone to perform a hob installation in your kitchen then call us, Gas Cooker Installers, as we are able to offer the best service and are highly experienced in the hob installation field. Hob installation contains different parts to be done not just the installation of the hob itself. For example, measurements and making room for the hob which can require a bit of carpentry like the cutting[...]

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Unsafe temporary hob installation

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A gas installer recently visited a property to carry out a gas safety inspection and discovered his customer’s kitchen in a state of transition. The customer had connected the gas hob for temporary use while waiting for his new kitchen to arrive. Not only is this highly unadvised but is highly dangerous. The condition of the flex and the obvious installation defects meant that the gas installer had no option but to disconnect the hob[...]

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