A coroner has called upon the gas industry to rethink its risk categories whilst doing a gas safety inspection of gas appliances. This is following the death of a young lady in W14 West Kensington, who drowned in the bath after inhaling Carbon Monoxide fumes from her boiler. The landlord of the property in W14 West Kensington had booked in a boiler servicing and gas inspection. After the inspection the boiler’s Gas Safety Certificate stated[...]

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A £500 fine has been issued to a gas fitter after his illegal work left a couple suffering from Carbon Monoxide poisoning in their Middlesex home. The gas cooker installer was prosecuted for not being registered while carrying out gas work and for not holding up-to-date competencies need for certain types of gas work. As well as being fined £500 for breaching Gas Safety Regulations, he was also prosecuted and ordered to pay £1,500 for[...]

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A recent report has claimed that 7 out of 17 deaths that have been caused by Carbon Monoxide poisoning were associated with cooking appliances. Out of the seven deaths four of them were link to enclosed grill models that did not have automatic shut-off valves. The report also shows that gas cookers left on or opened in a small or poorly vented kitchen for prolonged periods of time also posed great danger. It is advised[...]

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