There are gas appliance installation regulations to follow for a reason. The regulations exist for your health and safety when the installation of the gas appliance is being carried out. As the installation process is a gas appliance, the UK has strict regulations when gas is involved in an appliance installation. Gas appliance installation regulations state that you must hire a qualified expert to do the gas appliance installation because not everyone can handle the[...]

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Gas installer

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A gas installer most importantly MUST be Gas Safe Registered as required by mandatory law. The main reason being that the involvement of gas is a serious issue and if the installer is not a professional then it can be severely dangerous and hazard. Make sure your gas installer is with Gas Safe and feel free to ask for identification as you should be abiding by the law and doing things properly for the safety[...]

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Corgi registered gas installers

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Corgi registered gas installers were a gas scheme registrar and in 1970 CORGI stood for ‘Confederation for the Registered of Gas Installers’ and then in 1991 CORGI stood for ‘Council for Registered Gas Installers’. CORGI registered gas installers insured that gas work was carried out safely and installers were legally registered to work on gas appliances. CORGI was known for providing excellent customer service and the CORGI motto was safety, expertise and trust. In April[...]

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Connecting a gas cooker

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Connecting a gas cooker first and foremost involves gas usage and therefore it is essential that you must get a specialist, who is Gas Safe registered to be the one connecting a gas cooker, as there is a risk it could cost you your life. This is not an exaggeration, connecting a gas cooker is a serious matter and must be done right. At Gas Cooker Installer we are aware of this serious issue and[...]

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Gas hob installation regulations

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Gas hob installation regulations are there to be followed so that you, your family, your home and your gas hob works properly. The regulations in gas hob installation are simple but to be taken very seriously so make sure you abide by the regulations word for word. It should be stated within the regulations to hire an expert who is Gas Safe registered to be the one doing the gas hob installation. We at Gas[...]

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Connect gas cooker

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Do you need someone to connect a gas cooker into your kitchen? To connect a gas cooker involves a skill that is not simply acquired by reading a manufacture’s guidebook instructing you on how to connect a gas cooker. Though the instructions may be simple for you to do, we must stress that you hire an expert who is Gas Safe registered to connect your gas cooker for you as the cooker involves gas. You[...]

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So you are wondering ‘can I disconnect my gas cooker?’ and though the steps to disconnect my gas cooker might appear easy to follow and do myself, I would not want to risk damaging my gas cooker and put myself in danger like that and neither should you. Searching can I disconnect my gas cooker shows that you are not completely certain or sure of yourself that you can which means you should not be[...]

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