Connecting gas hob

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Our qualified engineers at Gas Cooker Installers know that connecting a gas hob can be stressful as it is just that one step away from having a working cooker yet the step is time-consuming to reach. Under no circumstances must you guess that connecting a gas hob is easy and does not require an expert with a Gas Safe identification. Even if you hear the step takes only a few moments and connecting the gas[...]

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Connecting a gas cooker

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Connecting a gas cooker first and foremost involves gas usage and therefore it is essential that you must get a specialist, who is Gas Safe registered to be the one connecting a gas cooker, as there is a risk it could cost you your life. This is not an exaggeration, connecting a gas cooker is a serious matter and must be done right. At Gas Cooker Installer we are aware of this serious issue and[...]

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Gas hob installation regulations

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Gas hob installation regulations are there to be followed so that you, your family, your home and your gas hob works properly. The regulations in gas hob installation are simple but to be taken very seriously so make sure you abide by the regulations word for word. It should be stated within the regulations to hire an expert who is Gas Safe registered to be the one doing the gas hob installation. We at Gas[...]

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Hob install

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So you have either purchased or fixed a hob and you now need to install the hob into your kitchen for immediate use. Even if you were given clear instructions on how to install your hob by a salesman, the manufacture manual or through a friend who has done it themselves, do not assume you are able install the hob on your own. A hob install process contains different elements. Most elements may be completed[...]

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Oven Service

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To service an oven, there are several procedures you can do in order to keep your oven it the best condition possible through its service. As Gas Cooker Installer specialists, we have a variety of tips that we ourselves use when we service an oven, which can help you if you would like to service your oven. These include cleaning various parts of an oven, replacing individual parts, or just providing some TLC to certain[...]

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Whilst parked outside on a customer’s driveway in SE2 Abbey Wood our gas cooker installer was approached by a gentleman from across the road who wanted to know who he can contact if he needed some gas work done. Our gas cooker installer gave him the number for Gas Cooker Installers customer services and booking line to arrange for someone to come out to him in SE2 Abbey Wood. The office arranged for an installer[...]

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