There are gas appliance installation regulations to follow for a reason. The regulations exist for your health and safety when the installation of the gas appliance is being carried out. As the installation process is a gas appliance, the UK has strict regulations when gas is involved in an appliance installation. Gas appliance installation regulations state that you must hire a qualified expert to do the gas appliance installation because not everyone can handle the[...]

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Hob installation

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If you are in desperate need of someone to perform a hob installation in your kitchen then call us, Gas Cooker Installers, as we are able to offer the best service and are highly experienced in the hob installation field. Hob installation contains different parts to be done not just the installation of the hob itself. For example, measurements and making room for the hob which can require a bit of carpentry like the cutting[...]

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Cooker installation

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So you have taken your time with purchasing a new cooker as it is an important feature for your kitchen. Now you need to seriously consider the installation process as that is just as important as the cooker itself. If you ignore the importance of the cooker installation then you could risk damaging the cooker. You must seriously consider a proper installation in regards to your cooker as what would be the point of a[...]

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