When a professional service is required for gas hobs, gas cookers and gas oven installation in the KT8 area of West Molesey, Gas Cooker Installers are the company that should be thought of first. This is due to the fact that we have an established business that offers only the best in service. We are a popular company that deals with all kinds of gas hobs, gas cookers and gas ovens in KT8 West Molesey[...]

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When Mr Singh from NW1 Camden called our Gas Cooker Installers team to book an appointment to have his wall gas oven installed, our engineer was able to go out to his home in NW1 Camden the next day and finish the installation by 12pm, giving Mr Singh the rest of the day free. Our Gas Cooker Installers engineers aim to cause as little fuss as possible when being booked to disconnect or replace a[...]

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Built In Oven Installation

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When dealing with a built in oven installation, all gas and electrical connectors to the built in oven must be shut off; as to prevent any major accidents occurring during installation. As Gas Cooker Installers engineers, we turn off the circuit breaker to the kitchen before the built in oven installation continues. If there is uncertainty on where the circuit breaker is during installation however, Gas Cooker Installers engineers recommend shutting down the main breaker[...]

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Gas Oven Installation

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The first step in ensuring safety when having gas oven installation is to turn off all the electricity and gas powers that are connected to the gas oven. Our Gas Cooker Installers engineers always put safety first and recommend that to be extra vigilant, secure the switch in the off position by sticking a piece of tape over it so it remains off throughout the whole gas oven installation process. In the next part of[...]

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On a Friday evening Gas Cooker Installers received a call from a customer in SE4 Brockley requesting an emergency gas engineer because their friend (who is not a qualified gas installer) tried disconnecting their gas oven and as a result created a gas leak somewhere along one of the joints. We sent out one of our qualified and experienced gas oven installers to the property in SE4 Brockley. When our gas engineer arrived at the[...]

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If your home is in the SE3 Blackheath area and you are looking to install a gas cooker, gas hob or gas oven then give Gas cooker Installers a call. We are a professional London based company that provides gas cooker related work to many customers in SE3 Blackheath. We have fully trained engineers who will help you with any queries that you may have regarding the installation of your gas cooker, gas oven or[...]

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