Installing Oven

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The first thing that must be remembered when installing an oven is to turn off any circuit switches and gas powers that are connected to the oven. Our Gas Cooker Installers engineers always make sure they are extra wary of potential accidents, which is why they tape the off switch to the electricity and gas mains that are connected to the oven, so that whilst installing the oven the powers do not accidentally come on,[...]

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What is a Range Oven

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Our Gas Cooker Installers engineers explain the features of a range oven and what a range oven is. To put it simply, what a range oven is is a multiple oven with at least two oven compartments. When looking at what a range oven is, the regular size of a range oven is generally 100cm wide due to the fact that what they contain is a substantial main oven and at least one small conventional[...]

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Installing Gas Oven

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When installing a gas oven, there are several procedures that must be dealt with so that installing a gas oven is done safely and securely. Our Gas Cooker Installers engineers advise that before any work is done installing the gas oven, the main gas line and appropriate electrical circuit of the gas oven is turned off. In getting started to install a gas oven, Gas Cooker Installers employees make sure that there is an area[...]

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Oven Engineers

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An oven engineer, like any engineer in the UK, including Gas Cooker Installers engineers, has to be professionally registered to a specialist engineering corporation; as the oven engineer’s qualification identifies the oven engineer to be a specialist at his or her field. It conveys that the oven engineer has applicable oven engineering skills that make them more than able to undergo their job as an oven engineer, and it reveals the oven engineer’s experience and[...]

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Oven Servicing

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Our Gas Cooker Installers engineers ensure that when you are having an oven servicing, the hood exhaust filters are looked after and checked, this could mean simply cleaning them during the oven servicing. Some easy steps you could follow before and after your oven servicing include cleaning mineral deposits on the electrical heating element with vinegar, and not putting extremely heavy and large cooking equipment on heating elements; this can cause damage to the oven[...]

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How to Install a Double Oven

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It can be very dangerous when demonstrating how to install a double oven and a double gas oven, so to eliminate any accidents; the first thing to do before the engineer installs a double oven is to turn off the electric power to the oven branch circuit. Gas Cooker Installers strongly convey that a electrical ground with a wall oven unit should be used. Also, when taking part in how to install a double oven[...]

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Gas Oven Installation

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The first step in ensuring safety when having gas oven installation is to turn off all the electricity and gas powers that are connected to the gas oven. Our Gas Cooker Installers engineers always put safety first and recommend that to be extra vigilant, secure the switch in the off position by sticking a piece of tape over it so it remains off throughout the whole gas oven installation process. In the next part of[...]

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