Oven Install / Install Oven

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In the first part in how to install an oven, all electricity must be shut-off as well as all gas gages to ensure the safety of the installer and the property. Once all powers have been disengaged, the door will need to be removed, as this makes it easier to install it into the cabinet space provided. Before you install an oven, you must take the measurements of the cabinet space, including the depth, width[...]

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How to Wire an Oven

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In the first stage of how to wire an oven, it must be made clear, and is done so by our Gas Cooker Installers professionals, that there must be the correct support for the oven that you would like to wire before it is installed. How to do this is simple, the oven that you are going to wire should either have a rock-solid base to protect the oven from collapsing, or two runners should[...]

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Oven Maintenance

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Oven maintenance is varied depending on the type of oven you have, however, oven maintenance is necessary to ensure that the oven or gas oven works to its full potential. When carrying out oven maintenance, it is important that the oven or gas oven temperature is checked; this is something which is strongly advised by our Gas Cooker Installers engineers when they are implementing oven maintenance. This can be done when having oven maintenance completed[...]

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Replace Oven

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To replace an oven, our Gas Cooker Installers team convey heavily that you must first switch off all power that is connected to the oven that is to be replaced to purge any harmful risks. If the oven is gas, any gas powers that are connected to the gas oven must be shut off in order to replace the oven safely. This should only be done by a competent, fully qualified Gas Safe engineer. To[...]

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Oven Not Working

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There are a few simple steps that can be taken to save an oven from not working completely, and to find out the reasons why an oven is not working. As Gas Cooker Installers engineers, we suggest that before spending money on a professional oven engineer to find out why an oven is not working, you make sure your oven is plugged in and switched on at the socket, as this is a simple mistake[...]

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