Gas Cooker Disconnection

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If you are wondering whether or not you can do a gas cooker disconnection yourself then stop right there! Just as our team of experts here at Gas Cooker Installers emphasise the importance of hiring a professional to connect your gas cooker, we must also emphasise the importance of hiring a professional in gas cooker disconnection. Due to both jobs involving the use of gas and because gas can be so dangerous and must have[...]

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Disconnect a Gas Cooker

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To disconnect a gas cooker requires a professional who must be registered with Gas Safe due to safety regulations as the job involves gas. Our experts at Gas Cooker Installers are all registered and it is mandatory law as your responsibility to hire a professional when you disconnect a gas cooker. To disconnect is just as important to connect a gas cooker because during the process gas leaks are more likely to occur which cause[...]

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