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When having a double oven installation, the first notion that must be made is for the engineer to turn off all powers attached to the double oven, as failing to do this can result in harmful consequences to the engineer and to the double oven. Gas Cooker Installers always take the extra precautions when doing this part of double oven installation and tape all off switches to any powers that are connected to the double oven.

In resuming with the double oven installation, the measurements of the breadth of the double oven must be made, and then with a saw, the cabinet space cut in concurrence with the double oven’s measurements. During double oven installation, the depth of the cabinet must also be measured and cut in order for the double oven to fit precisely into its allocated position.

For the period of double oven installation, a 2-by-4 should be placed in the left of the cabinet frame to the identical height the cabinet space. In making sure during double oven installation that the board that will be fixed at the top of the double oven is straight, a level should be placed above it and adjusted until the bubble is at the centre.

The second 2-by-4 should be fixed during double oven installation diagonally from the first one. Each 2-by-4 during double oven installation must be straight. To make sure this is done, the engineer will put the level in front of each 2-by-4. In continuing with double oven installation, the level will be placed on the perimeter of the board and made sure it is straight from the front to the rear.

During a double oven installation, before fixing the double oven in place according to the 2-by-4s, what Gas Cooker Installers do when taking part in a double oven installation is take off the door of the double oven, or double gas oven, to ensure the double oven is easily installed. In concluding with the double oven installation, the gas and electrical connections should be joined accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and then the door and any other parts of the double oven can be installed in order to finish with the double oven installation.