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You are either starting from scratch with fitting a hob into your kitchen and therefore need your gas hob fitted in accordingly or you have done all the handyman work and have reached the stage where you need to handle the gas part of the job. STOP! Do not think just because you have come this far and the instructions of fitting a gas hob are so simple that you can do the rest as well. Do not think you will be satisfied for doing the entire job on your own but also save on some pennies as this is the wrong step!

When fitting a gas hob you will need an engineer who is Gas Safe registered and our team at Gas Cooker Installers are the ones you need to be calling to complete the job, or even in some cases start the job. At whatever stage you need us for fitting a gas hob whether from scratch or for the final part just make sure you call us. Any job involving gas is unsafe to do on your own because it is dangerous.

Gas Cooker Installer engineers will be able to aid you with fitting a gas hob whatever stage you need us. We are experienced in fitting in a gas hob and know that each manufacturer for different hobs meet different specifications which our engineers abide by as well as knowing the usual form of fitting a gas hob.

You should be aware that when fitting a gas hob, the pipes and hob need to be checked properly for any gas problems. Do not think you can fit a gas hob all on your own because it sounds so simple or even because a friend done it in the past, fitting a gas hob is a serious matter and if not done right could potentially lead to you breaking the law for not doing it correctly.

For more information on fitting a gas hob please contact Gas Cooker Installers immediately for an excellent price so we can arrange for a gas engineer to visit your property. Our fitters are available at your convenience throughout London, Middlesex, Surrey and Kent.

Call 0207 781 9249 or email and we will deal with your request.