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Gas installation regulations have been put in place for one reason only, safety. It is important when panning an installation you research the gas installation regulations to help make you aware of any issue that may arise when having your appliance installed.

There are gas installation regulations to follow for a reason. The regulations exist for your health and safety when the installation of the gas appliance is being carried out. As the installation process is a gas appliance, the UK has strict regulations when gas is involved in an appliance installation.

Gas installation regulations state that you must hire a qualified Gas Safe expert to complete the gas appliance installation because not everyone can handle the use of gas appropriately and safely. There is a certain skill and knowledge to be known and gas appliance installation should be taken very seriously. The regulations are there for your benefit because incorrect gas appliance installation can lead to dangerous consequences and why would you be willing to take that risk? Remain on the safe side and abide by the gas installation regulations.

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