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Fitting ovens can seem straight forward and simple to do, as long as you follow the steps provided and the manufacturer’s guides on fitting ovens that are included with the purchase of the oven, however fitting a gas oven is a very dangerous task and should never be completed by someone who is not Gas Safe registered. When fitting an oven, you must first take the measurements of both the oven you are fitting and the cabinet space that the oven will be fitting into. You must always measure the height and depth of the cabinet space to ensure that the new oven you are purchasing is the adequate size for the space. Our Gas Cooker Installers workers recommend that during this process of fitting ovens, the measurements include space for the oven to cool from the heat of cooking; this can only be done when the oven has sufficient space at the back in order for it to ventilate.

When fitting ovens it is crucial that the cabinet where the oven or gas oven is being fitted is near the junction box so the electrical wiring of the fitted oven can be properly connected if required. The same rules apply for fitting gas ovens; it must be near the output box for the gas wiring.

The next step in fitting ovens is for our engineer to remove the oven door. To do this part of fitting ovens, force may have to induced on the hinge locks to the ‘unlocked’ point towards the door frame. Conversely, when removing the door as part of fitting ovens, all that may be required is to open the door and remove it from its hinges with a smooth sliding motion; this depends of the type of fitted oven that is being installed. Whichever type of oven you have, our engineers are more than happy to help.

In continuing to fit the oven or gas oven, the oven will need to be placed into the free cabinet space and bolted with the screws supplied with the fitted oven. When fitting ovens, Gas Cooker Installers drill holes into the appropriate places in the oven in order to secure the oven.

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